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#Nature …..better blood on your hands than the waters of Pilate . GG

July 9, 2013

All responsible social commentators or political activists should healthy maintain a sense of proportion and self awareness ,using criticism to both provide balance to their views and to avoid becoming completely detached from reality.

Ironically #George Monbiot who has come to represent a singular voice for common-sense , science and addressing the environmental issues of our day with unequivocal commitment and reason is now being abused even as  an escapist and fascist.

To-days Guardian  article by #Monbiot …..”Since when did a love of nature make one bourgeois?” (1) strikes at the heart of matters that are fundamental to understanding the conflicted behaviour of our world in relation to Nature and the “separation” described previously by the psychoanalyst  Sally Weintrobe in her recent published collective work (2)where denial is understood, in one of it’s disguises, as an inability to see ourselves as a integral component of #Nature . 

Karl Marx a hundred years previously described mankind’s inability to reconcile the sense of separation from Nature as an attribute of Alienation with a specific political connotation.

It might  be  appropriate at this point to reclaim the expression “alienation” in isolation from Marxist associations  to describe the characteristics discussed by Monbiot when he effectively asks  why his ..” love for diversity and the richness of nature as an aesthetic and cultural impulse ”  ?is not given equivalence in attributed value as other cultural elements

Jumping back to #Weintrobe , and cognisant of Tony Junipers works on Nature as capital and the need to economically embrace the environment as fundamental to our survival, the explanation for our predisposition  of wanton indifference is  either ignorance or an alienation that inhibits our pleasure and respect  for the bountifulness of Nature and our generous environment.

Our alienated behaviour it is suggested may be a psychological denial to avoid uncomfortable and inconvenient truths or a defensive psychological barrier to allow time for us to adjust to the reality that is perceived as uncomfortable and considered as an overwhelming threat.

I have chosen to sidestep those corporate forces that act only in their narrow commercial self interest as too obvious and dull to be worthy of even  more than a brief mention in order to concentrate on the Monbiot thesis that distinguishes it from much other topical writing when he unashamedly celebrates his personal joy and the pleasure of Nature in its might and magnitude with lyricism. 

Returning to my purpose , George Monbiot  unashamedly standing against  fascistic critics and declaring in terms of “love for Nature ” should inspire others to raise their voices and be as eloquently voluble in remonstrating against the alienated arrogance of those who believe they can  ignore Nature and our own intrinsic relationship which must be brought back into balance,  not with name calling but by his own example of reasoned  adoration and pleasure in our environment.

Graham Greene spoke of  the need to stand up for an opinion and not to wash ones hands of addressing the issues that confront both society and individuals .

George Monbiot’s demonstration of committed, joyful celebration of Nature trumps all name calling.

Asthall Leigh.

July 9th 2013

(1) Sally Weintrobe: Editor  Engaging with Climate Change New Library of Psychoanalysis. Routledge ISBN 978-0-415-66762-3

(2) George Monbiot : Guardian Article 09/07/13

(3) Toy Jupiter: What Has Nature ever done for us? Profile Books ISBN 978 1 84668560 6




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