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Paterson ‘s Ambition #Badger Cull

June 5, 2013

Owen Paterson has carried the latest #Badger Cull debate in the House of Commons and will proceed to instruct the #NFU licensed marksmen to undertake a controversial slaughter of significant numbers of badgers in two trial areas.

The campaign and debate have been rigorous an applied scientifically in the main by the opponents of the #cull setting themselves against an entrenched and dogmatic Minister.

Researching behind the scenes has repeatedly exposed the matrix of links and associations between government,agriculture,hunting and the predictable vested traditional interest groups all reinforcing each others perspective to the exclusion of any scientific or inconvenient truth.

Despite the vigorous public opposition of a passionate and well organised anti cull lobby Government , as embodied by Owen Paterson , never altered its position even in the face of concerted political pressure and scientific reason.

That inflexibility and general indifference to anyone other than vested interest groups that support the government almost as a reflex and badge of identity , may yet come to haunt this Government in the long-term.

It is important that I accept I might be proved wrong by events but if that is the case I based all my argument on the best scientific opinion available to the general public and never once avoided facts or information that emerged in several months of campaigning to stop the cull.

I can find no coherent scientific support for the Paterson/Defra postion that sustains careful examination.

If argument supported by best evidence and reason cannot prevail what hope is there for the democratic process.

British parliamentary history is riddled with inflexible political strategies that came off the rails , sadly on this occasion it will be at the expense of a summarily executed badger population  unless someone intervenes.

I have other issues that must take priority in terms of my own immediate activity but I fear that others deeply upset by Owen Patterson and the NFU may find themselves now utterly frustrated by the democratic process and recourse to direct action .

The course of this activity will be determined by how rigid the #Cull is applied but expect to see television images parallel to those of the last miners strike if sides become entrenched.

How can we as a society either afford the cost of maintaining a police presence  or the consequences of the social and political division that will result?

Why did David Cameron allow this situation to develop and Owen Paterson  to lead policy  taking  control of the Conservative party ?

All these matters will unwind in the coming months and there may yet be a few unexpected twists and turns but science and common-sense are damaged ….we shall have to wait to see to what extent and if matters can be repaired.

For Badgers: hopefully they can be protected by those dedicated campaigners who will maintain a vigil.


Asthall Leigh.

June 5th 2013


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