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A sad reflection on Government….

June 1, 2013

Theoretically today marks the beginning of the bTB Badger #cull “trials” despite months of fierce and passionate campaigning by those of us opposed to such an ill conceived policy.

I have always taken the position that The Government have ignored the best independent scientific opinion and pursued an approach that will in time prove costly and flawed.

I am aware there are many opponents marching against the cull today in London that farmers would describe dismissively as taking a soft position that fails to understand the commercially devastating consequences of bovine TB  but that view fails to acknowledge the hard nosed science and best research opinion  arraigned  against the NFU and it’s supporters.

The science says the cull will be ineffective and that is a considered and substantiated opinion of those who have conducted two decades of thorough and rigorous study.

Farmers and Defra mutter to themselves in superior tones that the opposition is “woolly” and has failed to understand the problem; comforting themselves by repeating the received wisdom that has done the rounds for years and believing that makes them beyond reproach.

Sadly their, view which may prevail in the short run, has no foundation in science unless our scholarly scientists have misrepresented the facts.

If bigotry prevails  over science, Owen Paterson and the government he represents will have perpetrated a grave misrepresentation and breeched irrevocably public trust in the farming sector.

Suffice to say the following weeks may see conflict and confrontation and one can only hope the worst excesses of entrenched positions do not materialise . If regrettably division and frustration are the winners, we are all losers .

As a constituent of the Prime Minister I would not be able to vote for an administration that ignores logic and is hell-bent on the unnecessary destruction of wildlife.

Defra, NFU and Owen Paterson ……you may have gained a pyrrhic victory but history will find you out.

Steve Tomlin

Asthall Leigh June 1st 2013


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