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The Revolution will not be Televised

May 11, 2013

Why so long since the last blog ?

I have been thinking ………and can see no pathway through the current malaise on climate change or any sign of conviction to pay more than lip service to addressing the problem by political leaders.

Today R4’s #Today Programme  announced that “officially” we have arrived at the much predicted  400 parts per million threshold of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

If not sanguine there is a resignation about this event that reminds this sixties child of Gil Scot-Heron’s#The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.

Not it’s literal detail but the sentiment that our politicians are sitting on their hands praying the inevitable consequence of their own inaction will not rebound or ever happen if they continue to look away.

Gil Scot-Heron song  exemplifies the condition that completely fails to understand reality.

More frighteningly he identifies the paralysed inaction of confused , deluded and unimaginative individuals who have come to expect the political reality to exist in a stable state  without taking any responsibility for it’s process or soul.

We are in fact as a society #watching and waiting in terms of the climate debate and not demanding action to alter the consequences of our behaviour. This fatalism , and it must be stressed it is our own inaction, cannot be a transferred responsibility to others .

The “revolution” is not to be televised….there will be no re-runs ….the revolution will be Live” to remember Heron’s words.

Months ago I reported the 400 parts per million threshold breached and have spoken of “passing the fulcrum of no return“, but nothing changes dramatically enough to be significant to alter the course of our own destruction.

I have struggled to write in recent weeks for fear of simply providing more verbiage that alters nothing and out of an academic egotism that I will marginalise my own work by being too extreme and over-stated.

I know that beating people over the head with information often alienates more than it improves but at what point do we recognise the fate of the  planet and the threat to our very daily existence before we change our lifestyles.

It is no longer theoretical we are now in a terminal behaviour pattern and must act.

Television will not mitigate the problem …you cannot “stay home turn on and cop out“… “it will put you in the drivers seat” ……

to quote 1970’s Small Talk … The revolution effects you !!

Steve tomlin Sustainability

Asthall Leigh

May 11th 2013


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